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  • Panama is a regional operations headquarters.

    The preferred destination for NGOs and the World's leading trans-national companies.
  • Our economy is based on US Dollar from 100 years ago.

    Based on services, our 100 national & international banks, society laws, trust funds and foundations.
  • We are a cosmopolitan center.

    Steady weather, civil and legal security allow a wide tourist offer to flourish.
  • Health.

    We offer hospitals with cutting edge technology and world class insurance companies, affiliated to north-american institutions.
  • We have an strategic geographical location.

    Quick access to two oceans, via railway or car, we have the greatest airport hub of Latin America.
  • An ambient for investment and commercial freedom.

    We comply with TLC (Free Trade Treaty) and commercial promotion.
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We are a boutique law firm with a well gained experience, committed to offer high standard services with the most ethical professionalism.


Tax Assessment

and Work Permits






Marítime Law




We focus in growing with and for our clients.

  • Horizontal Property

    ARCAL offers complete and professional services to developers related to the design...
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  • Tax Assessment

    We strategically aid our clients to take advantage of our tax laws when opening an office or a business in Panama, to minimize their tax risks. We have a vast experience in tax issues, as well as in the management of tax planning....
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  • Maritime Law

    Panama has a global and recognized reputation as one of the countries that enjoys one of the most organized maritime sectors in general...
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  • Commercial Law

    We offer an integral service in creating companies and obtaining their permits and commercial licenses to exercise commercial or industrial activities in Panama....
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  • Intellectual Property

    We offer services to register and protect trademarks, designs, commercial names, copyrights and patents in the Republic of Panama...
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  • Immigration and Work Permits

    We offer immigration services to obtain temporary or permanent residency in Panama...
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  • Energy

    We offer integral assessment in this very specialized field...
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  • Public Contracts

    This field has had an incredible growth in the last few years in our country...
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Arcal Law Firm is a law firm which principal postulate is to offer services in the upmost professional, diligent and trustworthy manner.


Tailored made Legal Services


We are young professional lawyers, that have an accumulated experience of 25 plus years in the practice of law, in the areas of Commercial, Corporate, Real Estate, Judicial and Administrative Law, Taxation, Intellectual Property, Maritime Claims and other areas. The personnel and infrastructure of Arcal Law Firm allows us to provide an efficient and personalized service to our clients in different areas.


Quality services on time. We are always ready.